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Shock and Drop Testers

  • Shock Testers
  • Wide range of table size : 15 ~ 152 cm
  • Generates ideal half-sine, square, sawtooth and trapezoidal pulses
  • Meets various industry standards including JEDEC standards
  • High speed models available and maximum velocity up to 45.7 m/sec (HSX model)
  • Precise control via Optical Table Control (OTC) sensors
  • Customed solutions available
  • Easy-to-use, durable and safe
  • Application: Automotive, Electronics, Transport, Military and Defense, Aerospace, and more
  • Drop Testers
  • Perfect solution to test packages and how much impact it can withstand
  • Different drop types available: Flat, Edge, Corner Drops
  • Meets ASTM D755 and other international standards
  • Use of hoist maximzes usability and repeatability
  • 3 models available depending on test specimen
  • Other Testers
  • Horizontal Impact Test System
  • Inclined Impact Test System
  • Compression Tester

Drop Tester

High Performance
Shock Tester

Shock Tester (M65/81)
for small-medium

Shock Tester (M152)
for large specimen