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IMV / ED Vibration Test System

  • Wide range of products from IMV Corporation, world's largest electrodynamic vibration test system manufacturer
  • Single-axis systems, changeover and simultaneous multi-axis systems, 6-DOF systems available
  • Compatible with environmental chamber for combined vibration testing
  • Eco-mode available to reduce power consumption and enhance working conditions
  • In-house vibration controller for maximized performance and user-friendliness
  • i Series : Standard system
  • J Series : Large displacement range
  • K Series : High excitation force
  • m Series : Compact and quiet system
  • VSH and PET Series : Wide frequency range
  • DC and TC Series : 2-axis and 3-axis changeover system
  • DS and TS Series : 2-axis and 3-axis simultaneous system

Vertical and Horizontal
Vibration Test System

Combined Multi-Axis Vibration
Test System

3-axis Simultaneous Vibration Test System

Vibration Controller (K2)