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Miniature Vibration & Shock DAQ

SLICE MICRO & SLICE NANO, World’s smallest DAQ System (vibration, shock, strain gauge, load cell and others)

Data Acquisition System

  • World’s smallest DAQ system
  • Wireless recording of shock and vibration
  • Optimal for measurement of 6DOF vibration, shock, and angular velocity
  • Meets MIL-STD-810G standard in respect to temperature, altitude, shock, and vibration
  • Application: Aerospace, Military and Defense, Automotive, Explosion test, Human body and dummy tests, and others
  • Sampling rate: 200 k ~ 500 k samples/s
  • Modular assembly up to 384 channels
  • In-House designed and manufactured software (SLICEware)

Slice Micro and Nano (Side View)

Slice Micro on Ice

Slice Micro (Stacked)

Slice Micro (Stacking)

Slice Nano with Ruler

Slice Pro Modules (Top and Side View)

Slice Micro and Nano

Slice Micro, Nano, and Pro